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Introducing leysi

leysi is the ultimate food platform designed for young adults. Manage your spending and engage with friends while discovering deals at local vendors in your campus community.
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Our Mission

Saving students money, driving traffic to local vendors.

leysi exists for the sole purpose of helping two parties: college students and their vendors on campus. While the app seamlessly manages students’ food & drink spending with budgeting features, the deals our users discover on leysi Map offer our users further savings along with targeted traffic to the restaurants. 

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What we do​

We utilizes insightful, fun, and interactive features to engage users in a new budgeting + Social experience.


With leysi Map you can discover new restaurants and their respective discount deals, as well as share pictures or leave reviews of your favorite dishes with your friends!


Set your monthly goals and take advantage of leysi’s automated and easy-to-use budgeting features to ensure you meet them!


Visual Learner? Our Charting page allows users to easily visualize their actual food spend in comparison to their target budget.


We promote deals from local restaurants and vendors to further save our users' cash, as well as drive targeted traffic to our affiliate vendors.

Local restaurants: Start boosting your customer traffic using leysi

Sign up below to quickly set up your vendor page on the leysi Map to start pushing your deals and promotions to our network of users. Give it a try with our 2-month free trial, just $9.99/Mo after.

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Effortless Tracking

Leysi uses Plaid to ensure connecting your bank account is as quick and easy as possible while your information remains ultra-secure.

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Flatten your curve

Leysi’s advanced charting and insights page allows users to easily visualize their actual food spend in comparison to their target budget.

What Our Customers Are Saying?

"With leysi I was able to track expenses that I wasn't even aware of. In only one week I was able to get a handle on my spending through setting goals and holding myself accountable to said goals. Can't imagine myself swiping on food without leysi."

- kennyberger

"This app makes tracking how much I spend on food and drink (my biggest expense) so easy. Keeps me focused on my spending and helps me stay within my budget. I needed this!"


"Leysi is what you need if your interested in daily budgeting. I will definitely start to use this daily because it's going to be a GAME CHANGER."

- Gabie B.

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